Philippine-based Wedding Planner and Coordinator

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Philippine-based Wedding Planner and Coordinator

Our Services

Fragrant Moments offers the following services:

Service Supreme (Full Planning and Management)

For those who know what they want but don't know where or how to start, OR just too busy to get started, our service is going to be of great help. This is a stress-free, hassle-free wedding planning and preparation if you are a busy couple. After much discussion about the kind of wedding you want, we'll do the rest of the work. Our role is to conceptualize, plan, budget, book, and manage your wedding event. We will work with you from the onset of the preparation til the day of the wedding. The service also includes the recommendation of established vendors that suit the budget.

For the details and scope of work of Service Supreme, please click here.

Service Royale (Turn-over Planning and Coordination)

Perfect for couples who have already started with the preparation but later decide to seek the help of experienced wedding planners.  Upon the take-over is the turn-over of all other planning preparations and the contracts made to some vendors. 


For the details and scope of work of Service Royale, please click here.

Service Deluxe (On-the-Day Coordination)

Our Service Deluxe is complete management of the actual event.  It is day coordination in three venues: bride's take-off point, church venue, and reception venue.  This service is usually chosen when the couple has done most of the planning and preparation.  But because they would want to enjoy the big day mingling with friends and relatives (minus the stress of reminding, following up, and supervising), they allow us to do the work instead.

For the details and scope of work of Service Deluxe, please click here.

Service Classic (One-Venue Coordination)

Ideal for couples who choose assistance either during the wedding ceremony or during the reception only. Ensures the smooth flow of events in any of the venue.

For the details and scope of work of Service Classic, please click here.

We also offer assistance and coordination for debuts, birthdays, anniversaries, bridal showers, baby showers, and baptismal celebrations.

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