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Philippine-based Wedding Planner and Coordinator

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In ancient times, aroma-filled rooms set the mood for any royal event. The fragrance comes from natural extracts from various herbs, aromatic plants, and flowers.Fragrant Moments promises to make your event relaxing and lasting with memories.  Your choice of lingering aromatic fragrances, either at the church or in the reception area, will set the mood for your event.  It will not only make your wedding special, but also distinct from the rest.

Each selection sets a different mood. This mood can be romantic, relaxing, invigorating, refreshing, soothing, and even stimulating. And only Fragrant Moments can do this for you. You may choose from the following selection of fragrances to set your desired mood:

BOIS DE SANTAL (Sandalwood) - this essential oil is derived from the inner wood of the sandalwood tree, native to Asia. It is used as a fixative in perfumes and gives the lingering classic base notes in many expensive perfumes. Bois de Santal relaxes, aids physical and spiritual coordination, and calms the senses.

EUCALYPTUS - this essential oil is derived from the leaves and twigs of the tree, which originated in Australia. The fresh leaves give a rich yield of highly potent essence, one of the most versatile in aromatherapy. It is cooling, refreshing, and known to stimulate mental alertness.

FEUILLE DE MENTHE (Peppermint) - this essential oil is derived from the whole plant. This aromatic herb is valued for its menthol content. Peppermint oil is invigorating and refreshing.

LAVANDE (Lavender) - this essential oil is obtained from the flowers of the plant. It is an evergreen plant with lilac flowers, native to the Mediterranean area. Its calming effects make it a great balancer of the nervous and emotional systems.

OCEAN BREEZE - this essential oil is a combination of Bergamot, Rosemary, Lavander, and Peppermint. Oceane combines the properties of the above fragrances and improves memory, clears and revitalizes the mind, soothes the nerves, and eases agitation.

POMME VERTE (Green Apple) - this essential oil is derived from the fruit. The fragrance is fruity and fresh, giving a cool effect. Green Apple is a relaxant. It evokes happy feelings and pleasant memories of childhood-enhancing emotions and mood. It improves the general ambience of the room.

FEUILLES D' AGRUMES (Citrus Leaves) - this essential oil is a combination of bergamot, lime, violet, green tea, distillation of twigs and leaves from the orange tree. A fragrance that is mischievous, fresh, and invigorating.

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